Year 6 Takeover Day

Hello this is Isla. On Wednesday I was Mrs Appleby for the day due to it being Take Over Day for Year 6. We had to apply for a job in the school and some of us had an interview.

I was busy doing a range of Head teacher tasks. I did some monitoring in the classroom to see what is good and what needs improving. I did an assembly and sent emails to staff. Finally, I did a tour for some parents who are choosing a school for their child. I found it very interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes. I did not realise how many things have to be done in one day. I want to be a teacher so this has really given me an insight as to what that would be like.

Thank you on behalf of Year 6 to all of the office based staff, teaching team, MDSAs and caretaking team for this opportunity. I would also like to thank all of the children from Year 6 who were so mature and resilient when they did not get a role. They were truly happy for us all and were very considerate.