Year 4 Saxon Day

On Monday, Year 4 had a fantastic day learning all about the Saxons from our visitors, Hands on History! The children started by unraveling a huge timeline and dressing their teachers up in traditional Saxon warrior clothing. The children were then able to hold Saxon swords and shields, and wear chain mail and helmets. They learnt how to attack enemies (their teacher) by creating a shield wall and finally saw what medicines the Saxons used to treat illnesses, as well as watching a Saxon doctor perform a tradition amputation of a leg! 

 "I enjoyed it, but it was a bit gory when Mr. Redman had his leg chopped off!"

"I liked it when my teacher dressed up as the mother of the house."

"Learning the shield wall and attacking our teacher was the best time of my life!"

 A huge thank you goes out to the PTA who funded the majority of this workshop for the children, and thank you to all parents who supported the teachers by sourcing costumes for the children to wear.