Xin nian kaui le!   

 This week, to celebrate the Chinese New Year, the Year 4 pupils enjoyed a Chinese morning with students and staff from Buckswood school.  Year 4 were treated to a traditional lion dance performance by Buckswood pupils and a chance to try on the lion headdresses.  Year 4  had learnt a dragon dance which they performed to their visitors. 

Later in the morning, the children had a lesson in Chinese where they learnt simple Chinese phrases and how to count up to 10. 

The staff from Buckwood school told the children how Chinese New Year is traditionally celebrated and the children learnt about some of China's culture and beliefs.

Oscar said: "We loved the dragon dances and want to go to China to see them for real."

Avagrace said: "I enjoyed learning to count to 10 in Chinese and learning new words was fun."