Tours for current parents

We have decided to open our doors to groups of parents so that you can tour our school during the school day.  These will be led by Mrs Appleby or Mr Paramor. You will be able to walk around the school with us, hear about how we are currently improving our school and visit classrooms as pupils are at work.

This is not about seeing your child's class in particular, but so that you can get a feel for life in our school every day. I am sure that you will find it interesting and rewarding. With a school of over 600 pupils, this will take some time to offer it to all who wish to come. Therefore, we would like to start by offering it to parents of children in Year 2 first.

Dates and times will follow shortly in a letter. Once we have run these, we will then open it to another year group. We will look forward to showing you around soon!