Sporting roles for pupils

Little Common Sports Leaders

At Little Common, all of our children ‘Learn to Lead’ in our class PE sessions but we also have many children from all across the school who help to lead in PE and Sport as leaders: Class Sports Leaders, Play Leaders and our Sports Crew.  This week, all our sports leaders have received training for their role. We now have 135 leaders across the school with an additional 12 children from Foundation becoming class Sports leaders from Term 3. This will be 24% of our school.


The Sports Crew


There are 25 children in the Sports Crew. The Sports Crew have a very important role in that they help to lead, manage and organise sport across the school. Children in the Sports Crew have been selected based on their interest and ability in sport. The Sports Crew will: lead challenges at lunch times to encourage others to achieve their personal best and be active; help organise events such as sports day, festivals and competitions; represent the school at events; take part in assemblies, and they form part of our school Sports Committee.

This week, they worked with Rebecca Ancliffe, our School games

Class Sports leaders

We have 75 class sports leaders who are part of our ‘Super Sports leaders programme’. They help their teacher set up equipment for the lesson; demonstrate games or activities; be captains of a team; show their partner, group or class how to warm up or cool down; attend Sports leader meetings to share what has been happening in PE, and help Mrs Chapman with ideas to develop PE across the school.

This week, all sports leaders received their Sports leader badge and attended a meeting with Mrs Chapman welcoming them to their role.

Play leaders

We have 33 Play leaders from Year 4 - 6. This week, the Play leaders have received training for their role. Play leaders help to keep children active. They run Change for Life clubs every lunchtime with Mrs Warren, our Play leader supervisor. Play leaders will: play games with children from across the school; set up games and equipment and design games for others to play.

Our play leading activities including our equipment, is funded via our School Sports Premium. We use this funding to offer a wider variety of clubs during lunchtimes and to target inactive children and encourage activity for all.