Science Day!

On Tuesday we held our Science day to launch our new Science programme which has an enhanced focus on investigations. We were amazed by the creativity children showed as they came dressed as a Scientist - thank you to our parents and carers for supporting with this. Children came dressed as Rosalind Franklin, Einstein, Tesla, Marie Curie, Jane Goodall and many more. It was brilliant that so many children had great knowledge about the different scientists and the impact they have had on our world.

We invited Ian Dunne from ‘doitscience’ to be our resident scientist for the day. He wowed the children in assemblies with real-life science and experiments, highlighting the importance of experimenting yourself rather than just reading it from a book. Year 6 also had the opportunity for a Q&A with Ian where they asked lots of interesting questions ranging from ‘Who inspired you to be a scientist?’ to ‘What would have happened if a meteorite hit the sea rather than land when dinosaurs were alive?’

During the day each class learnt about a Scientist and they carried out their own experiments which they thoroughly enjoyed. Children were left enthused about Science and hopefully may consider it as a future career too!