Learning about life in Malawi

We are developing our pupils’ understanding of the world through working with a development project in Malawi called Youth for Development and Productivity (YODEP).

Pupils have been learning about life in Malawi through assemblies, including a taste challenge, design competitions and stories. It has made us all reflect on our own lives and helped to develop respect for others. 

We have all read 'The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind' which helped us to understand the challenges faced by people living in Malawi. Malawi is the fourth poorest country in the world and most Malawians live on less than £1 per day. One third of all primary aged children in Malawi do not attend primary school as they are helping their families, and many cannot afford to attended secondary school as these are not free. Most families have no access to electricity and the most desired item for a family is usually a bicycle, to help take any crops to local markets.

YODEP is based in Zomba and Mrs Appleby has been to spend time there, meeting the children and helping staff with the one meal that children get each day.


We are now fundraising for this project.

To learn more about what YODEP does, please see www.yodepmw.org