Huw Merriman, MP - Road Safety

Today we were joined by Huw Merriman, our MP, to help us highlight our safety issue for pupils crossing both Little Common Road and Birkdale. We are desperate to recruit to our crossing patrol vacancies as there have been near misses as children travel to and from school. Huw is lobbying East Sussex Highways on our behalf as he shares our concern.

We will be holding a road safety poster competition very soon, with pupils creating posters to alert drivers to our school and to their speed. We believe that some drivers are unaware that there is a school close by as we are so hidden by houses.

Neil and Laura, PCSOs, also joined us, as did Mr Mather who has been pursuing this matter with Highways for months now on our behalf.

Please discuss road safety with your child so that they are ready with ideas when we announce the process for the poster competition. Thank you for helping all our pupils stay safe.