Year on Year Attainment and Progress

Since the introduction of National Curriculum in 2014, schools have had the freedom to create their own systems for tracking progress and measuring attainment.

As such the approaches and systems used by different schools to assess children and track their progress will vary.  An underlying principle however of most school’s approaches will be to judge children’s abilities to meet the age related expectations for specific year groups.

The objectives have been devised to build on the expectations from previous years. 

At Little Common we have developed a list of criteria which children should meet by the end of each year.  These will demonstrate that they are meeting the expectations for that year group.  The objectives have been devised to build on the expectations from previous years.   The objectives are not a complete list of everything children will learn but do form the basis for what teachers assess against.  If children are unable to demonstrate that they have met these objectives to a competent degree they will be recorded as ‘working below age related expectations’ at the end of the year. The children's next teacher will then have a clear picture of each child's ability and which areas they need to focus on to support progress.  A complete list of the school’s objectives can be found below.

Children identified as having a Special Educational Need may be working towards meeting the objectives from a lower year group.  For those pupils who have met the end of year expectations, the teachers will focus on providing a range of learning opportunities that offer a greater depth of understanding to specific objectives.  

Parents have the opportunity to formally discuss their child’s current attainment and whether they are on track to be below, to meet or to exceed age related expectations three times a year.  In addition, parents receive two written reports a year.  As well as giving information about attainment, teachers will also highlight children’s specific strengths and which areas they should focus on in order to make progress.

 Assessment Criteria


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