Breakfast Club

Little Common School runs a breakfast club from 7.45am to the start of the school day.

Children can be brought into school using the Birkdale entrance from 7.45am and taken to the Small hall entrance, where you will be met by a member of staff.

The breakfast club team will care for the children and provide them with breakfast until the start of the school day. In order to eat breakfast children must arrive by 8.10am.

Children are offered a choice of cereals, toast with spreads, yoghurt plus a drink of milk or juice. The children can then do colouring; play activities or outside play if the weather is fine.

The cost is currently (September 2023):

  • £4.20 per day.  This may increase by 10% each September

For further information or queries, please contact:

Miss Eglington at or ring 01424 847540 between 11am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

Our Ofsted number for the childcare provision is EY308971


Terms and Conditions with registration form


Breakfast Club Waiting List Form


All charges are due to be settled by the first of the month in which the care is for, this includes if paying by childcare vouchers. 

Evidence for your childcare costs 20/01/2023

You will need to have proof of your childcare provider and payments.

As proof of your provider, you need a contract, invoice or letter from them showing all of these:

  • their name, registration number, address and phone number
  • the names of your children that they look after
  • the type of childcare, for example after-school or nursery care

You only need to do this once per provider.

We might also ask to see proof of your payment showing:

  • the dates of childcare you paid for
  • how much you paid
  • the date you made the payment

You can provide a paid invoice showing all of this, or a combination of:

  • bank statements
  • receipts from the provider
  • invoices from the provider