Redesigned Foundation Playground

We are pleased to announce that this summer, we are looking to create a fantastic outdoor learning area for our Foundation children. This project has taken two years to plan and has been partly funded by our PTA, from proceeds of the 2016 summer fete. 

The new design takes into account the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and should create a really engaging area for our youngest children to learn in. 

In order to maximize the space available and to improve the safety, we are looking to create a level surface on the currently 'stepped' playground. This will involve the construction of a retaining wall on our boundary, which will then be backfilled to create a level surface (as seen in the picture above). This will require planning permission and we have therefore submitted a planning application to the local authority.

We hope to have approval by the end of May and work will begin on the first day of the summer holidays. The building work itself will take around 2 -3 weeks and will leave a level site for the equipment to be installed on in the last 3 weeks of the summer.

The whole project should be completed by early September, ready to welcome our next cohort of Foundation children.

Please click on the designs below to see a larger version of the artist's impression, a 'bird's eye view' of  the layout and a list of the proposed equipment. 

Artist's impression

Bird's eye view

Equipment List